Fall Wallpapers for Your Tech (Free Downloads)

Whats up September! It’s time for brand new seasonal wallpapers in your desktop, laptop computer, tablets, and telephones! Beneath discover 5 new kinds I created, all free downloads, obtainable in 4 codecs.

The 16×9 ratio works for many desktop displays, and the 16×10 ratios matches laptop computer screens. Hyperlinks to pill and telephone wallpapers are included, discover the hyperlinks beneath every design. Simply click on on them and you may obtain the .jpg file and set it as wallpaper in your laptop, pill, or cellphone.

Wheat Area  |  sketched strains make a golden subject

wheat field 16to9 for desktop  |  wheat field for 16to10 laptop

wheat field 3to4 for tablet  |  wheat field 9to16 for cell phone


Autumn Summary  |  mushy seasonal hues in a random sample

autumn abstract 16to9 for desktop  |  autumn abstract for 16to10 laptop

autumn abstract 3to4 for tablet  |  autumn abstract 9to16 for cell phone


Gold Leaves  |  foil leaves on a white background

gold leaves 16to9 for desktop  | gold leaves for 16to10 laptop

gold leaves 3to4 for tablet  |  gold leaves 9to16for cell phone


Forest Stroll   |   Impressionist view of a forest in autumn

forest walk 16to9 for desktop  |  forest walk for 16to10 laptop

forest walk 3to4 for tablet  |  forest walk 9to16for cell phone


Pale Pumpkins  |  watercolor pumpkins in a pile

pale pumpkins 16to9 for desktop  |  pale pumpkins for 16to10 laptop

pale pumpkins 3to4 for tablet  |  pale pumpkins 9to16 for cell phone

*for private use solely

Have a fantastic three day weekend!

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